Rattled by Zee group’s protection, China puts spies on Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary: Report

Rattled by Zee group’s protection, China puts spies on Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary: Report

Chinese Communist Party, which has actually been rattled by the Zee group’s protection of the Wuhan virus and Ladakh border standoff, has targeted Zee & WION’s Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary through its unholy nexus of cyber espionage.

Zhenhua Data Infotech Co. Limited, which is based in Shenzen, has actually been tasked with monitoring over 10,000 popular citizens including leading brass of the India’s Army, Judiciary, scientific facilities and news media, a report by The Indian Express has stated.

Zhenhua Data, which is said to have links to Chinese armed force and intelligence networks, has People’s Freedom Army and the Chinese Communist Celebration as some of its main customers.

The tech company’s ‘Abroad Key Details Database (OKIDB)’, is keeping track of a wide range of influential Indian individuals. OKIDB tracks targets without leaving any specific footprint.

Earlier in July this year, Three days after India prohibited 59 Chinese apps, Beijing had actually blocked access to the WION website – www.wionews.com – in mainland China.

WION has been ill-famous in China because of its highly important protection of Beijing’s cover-up of coronavirus break out. The relocation is being viewed as a retaliation versus India’s action banning Chinese apps.

Since the start of coronavirus pandemic, WION has reported extensively on China’s cover-up, and. Beijing has expressed its annoyance over this in more methods than one.

In March, the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry,- Zhao Lijian, blocked WION on the social networking site Twitter. Chinese diplomats in India too criticised WION’s coverage of the pandemic.

In June, a piece in the Global Times called WION, asking the channel to “think separately.” The publication is viewed as the lifeline of Beijing’s propaganda machinery.

It’s obvious that China doesn’t like the idea of a complimentary press and the database report demonstrates that the depth and the breadth of Chinese security could not be underestimated.

( With inputs from agencies)

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