China opposes US unilateral sanctions against its companies

China has firmly rejected the unilateral sanctions the US government has imposed on Chinese companies to economically isolate North Korea, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Wednesday. “We firmly oppose the long arm of the jurisdiction against Chinese companies and individuals according to their legislation because it is wrong,” Lu told a news conference after it was revealed that the US sanctioned four companies based in China that have trade relations with Korea From the north. According to the US Treasury Department, between January 2013 and August 2017, three of these companies exported goods worth $ 650 million to North Korea and imported goods worth $ 100 million from that country.


Reading the CCP Notice on Diligently Studying and Implementing the Standards and the Regulations

In various European countries, different persons are using their own technique to read Chinese legal texts, so I thought I would share mine as I go on constructing it. This is an important endeavor: European sinologists and political scientists were perhaps the first ones who attempted to read and understand Chinese legal texts. Their techniques – as well as the ones used in Australia – however, rest for the most part upon the tacit, and practical knowledge each interpreter has acquired over the years by trial and error.

This knowledge should be made explicit: multitasking and information overflow (very few people still read the paper texts of legal documents) are changing the way we read, with the result that these techniques are slowly being lost.


“Enforced vacations” for activists who annoy the coronation of Xi”

With the National People’s Assembly (ANP) also began the “forced vacation” for many Chinese activists, who have been forced to leave Beijing to avoid disturbances during this meeting in which the reform of the Constitution is finalized that will allow Xi Jinping to be president for life.

“For the dissidents, the ANP is like a purgatory,” prominent human rights defender Hu Jia, who was forced by authorities to go to Zhongshan, in the province of Canton, told Efe on the phone today. March, when the full legislative body of China has concluded.



LATEST NEWS FROM CHINA RESEARCH|China states WHO group to probe Covid-19 origins will get here Thursday|China states WHO group to probe Covid-19 origins will get here Thursday

WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Christopher Black, WHO, AFP The WHO 10-strong team will arrive in China on ThursdayThe visit which was scheduled for early January was delayed by what the Chinese government called a “misunderstanding”. The coronavirus first emerged in the central city of Wuhan in late 2019.A World Health Organisation (WHO) team of international…

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi starts five-nation Africa trip

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi starts five-nation Africa trip

THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: The DRC is once again resuming its role as a frontline in the world’s great power struggles, this time between the United States and China. Two issues, in particular, may have prompted Wang to pay a visit to the young government led by President Félix Tshisekedi: 1) cobalt and 2) Kinshasa’s…

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