Learn about Chinese herbal medicine to lose weight with plants

Learn about Chinese herbal medicine to lose weight with plants. Natural and effective remedies to control weight, appetite, reduce fluid retention and win the battle to the scale. Did you know that an infusion can help you achieve the goal of losing weight? Take note of the ten plants that help you the most.

Natural remedies and without side effects . They are the main characteristics that hide behind the Chinese herbal medicine , which, knowing it, will provide interesting natural alternatives to lose weight with plants . Traditionally, the plants have been consumed in infusion , and although this form continues to be maintained, the possibility of administering them – safely and effectively – through capsules has also emerged . The phytotherapy is, in a few words, a legendary treatment with very current effects. Among them, to help us lose the extra kilos . You sign up?

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The legendary interest in the healing properties of plants has reached our days, and not as a punctual event, but motivated by the growing interest to lead a healthier life . The main advantage of phytotherapy is that it exerts a more gentle and prolonged effect, without side effects, without harming the organism . Chinese herbal medicine is an ally of health, a compendium of remedies and medicinal plants with multiple applications, from the prevention of joint pain, problems of the respiratory system, sleep disturbances or circulation problems. And to these we must add that the herbal medicine can help us lose the extra kilos and reconcile with the balance.

Slimming plants: the 10 that help you the most

Weight control, control of the desire to take sugar or chop between meals, elimination of toxins, control of appetite or maintenance of the line. Are some of the effects that give us medicinal plants to lose weight and avoid overweight problems . This is the list of the most used:

Artichoke: Both the flower and the leaves have important therapeutic properties. The artichoke facilitates digestion and its depurative action is especially interesting in weight control diets. It also helps reduce blood lipid levels.

Camilina: One of the most consumed plants (green tea). On the one hand, it stimulates and prolongs the life of noradrenaline, thus stimulating the action of oxidation of fats. In addition, it facilitates the elimination of liquids in the body, which helps control weight. Slimming regimens are often accompanied by a feeling of fatigue. Tea is a well-known stimulant of the central nervous system, thanks to the slower release of the theine.

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Citrus aurantium: Also known as bitter orange. It contributes to the degradation of lipids, helping your metabolism and that of carbohydrates. Increases the expenditure of calories that we consume daily, thus favoring the result of a hypocaloric diet.

Focus: An algae that contain mineral salts, trace elements (iron, copper, selenium …), vitamins (especially B and C) and iodine, so that it helps to cover the essential needs of the body during weight control diets. Its iodine content acts on the thyroid, activating the metabolism.

Garcinia Cambogia: Helps regulate appetite and weight. It slows down the storage of fat, it controls the sensation of hunger.

Ananás: In herbal medicine, the stem is used, which is where all its properties are concentrated. It is a particularly effective weapon to combat excessive weight associated with water retention or in the case of a cellulite state. By fragmenting the proteins and separating the cellulite tissue, it promotes the mobilization and elimination of fat deposits. On the other hand, its content in bromelain prevents the increase of insulin in the blood caused by the absorption of products with fast sugars (sweet …) and, therefore, its storage in the form of fats.

Chitosan: Part of the fat ingested in the diet, when caught by the chitosan (natural polymer), becomes nonabsorbable and, therefore, of zero caloric value.

Fasolina: The fruit of the bean is used to slow down the absorption of sugars, limiting the caloric intake. Not only helps to lose weight, but to maintain weight and avoid the rebound effect.

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Glucomannan: Also called konjac, helps control appetite and lose weight on a diet low in calories. It also reduces the absorption of fats and sugars in the intestine, in addition to promoting transit and avoiding constipation, a symptom associated with weight loss diets.

Vellosilla: Also called pilosela, it eliminates excess liquids (diuretic effect). A good ally for diets without salt and in weight control associated with fluid retention.

Chinese phytotherapy for the liver

Of the plants we have mentioned, the artichoke stimulates the regeneration of liver cells when they are exposed to various toxins. It is especially effective in the case of lazy liver or poor digestion of fats. Boldo and fumaria also work for the lazy liver . And as a liver protector, milk thistle .