From China: The Panda Bear Lights Festival arrives

The Festival of Lights of the Panda Bear will take place from December 20 to January 20. The show will be installed in the park of the Santa Isabel urbanization. It is one of the biggest shows in Latin America. Festival Cultural de Luces del Oso Panda arrives through an agreement signed by the Municipality of Piura and the EIRL Media Company of China.


The agreement will include the installation of an entire infrastructure with giant pieces of dragons, dinosaurs, bears, among other species that will be the attraction of this festival.

The commitment of the Chinese company is to recover or give maintenance to some public space in the city, as a way to compensate for the yielding of the public road for the development of this festival.

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The representative of the EIRL Media Company, Yu-Ting, pointed out that this festival is being developed in different countries, and in the case of Peru, it has been successfully held in Arequipa and Jesús María in Lima.

“We have already met with the mayor of Piura, Oscar Miranda, and residents of the Santa Isabel urbanization to tell them about the proposal and they are very happy, it seems interesting and it would only be necessary for the administrative procedures to progress in order to install the infrastructure in the coming days. of what this festival will be , ” said Yu Ting.


He also noted that the entrance to the Cultural Festival of Lights of the Panda Bear will be free for children under 4 years and adults over 65. For the rest of the public, the rates would vary between 10 and 20 soles.

The manager of Education, Culture, Sports and Recreation of the Provincial Municipality of Piura, Ruth Oliva Peña, said that this festival will create an alternative space for the population of Piura to come and know about Chinese culture.

“It’s a complete show, with varied artistic expressions from China, because you will be able to appreciate works of art, paintings, gastronomy, dances and other forms of art that will allow a show that we deserve,” said the manager.